I'm award-winning author Jenna Ives. I write for several publishers under a variety of names, but mainly it's to protect my poor sainted mother (who used to read sweet Harlequin novels) from discovering how sexy modern romances have become. And I DO write sexy...

Some fun facts about me:

-I love to dance and learned how to tango while on vacation in Buenos Aires

-My favorite band is the Rolling Stones – my parents took me to see them in concert when I was twelve years old, and since then I’ve travelled the world to hear them play in different cities and countries!

-I’m a “Let’s go!” kind of person, not a “Wait, let’s think about it first!” type. As a result, I’ve had my share of sometimes dicey, sometimes scary, but always out-of-the-ordinary adventures!

 -You can find my personal recipe for "chocolate pizza" in my story Snow White And Her Seven Lovers. (This comes from the writer’s mantra ‘Write What You Know’… LOL.)

 -For me, the best part about writing is coming up with crazy ‘What If…’ ideas (usually after a couple of cocktails), and then brainstorming them into a whole story. Humans falling in love with sex robots? That’s where the idea for my Tau Cetus Chronicles trilogy of stories came from. Blame it on the rum and cokes